Chapter 1103 A Long Way to Recover

Sometimes, when Xu Youning thought about it carefully, she found that it was most likely because of Mumu that she could hold on in this place.

If it weren’t for the little boy, it was very likely that she would have exposed her identity when she was on the verge of collapse.

Once she gave herself away in front of Kang Ruicheng, she would not be standing here safe and sound right now. Instead, she would be trapped and tortured by Kang Ruicheng in every way.

Because of Mumu, Xu Youning was able to work undercover smoothly until now.

She appreciated Mumu from the bottom of her heart.

Because of her sincere gratitude, every time she said thank you to Mumu, Xu Youning would be very genuine like she was facing an adult.

Unfortunately, Mumu was too young to feel Xu Youning’s sincerity.

However, the little boy was well aware of his inner feelings.

He shook his head and slightly smiled. He looked like an innocent and lovely little angel.

The little boy looked at Xu Youning and said seriously, “Auntie Youning, I promised Uncle Mu to take care of you, and you told me that I must keep my promise to others, so I will take good care of you and the baby. This is my promise to Uncle Mu!”

Xu Youning didn’t say anything.

In fact, she knew better than anyone that Mumu had promised Mu Sijue to protect Tang Yulan and Aunt Zhou.

Mumu wasn’t asked to protect her.

However, after she returned to the Kang family, Mumu seemed to have already known her purpose, and he started protecting her.

There was no complicated reason why Mumu did this.

The little boy just felt like protecting her.

Sometimes, Xu Youning would actually forget the fact that Mumu was just a five-year-old child.

More often than not, Xu Youning couldn’t help thinking that if she could live on, she really wanted to be there when the boy grew up and watch him do all the important things in his life.

“Unfortunately… I probably won’t have the chance to do that.”

Thinking of this, Xu Youning let go of Mumu, looked at his young and tender eyes, and asked, “Mumu, you’ll never hate me, will you?”

The little boy didn’t think about it and nodded directly. “Of course not. I’ll never do that!”

Xu Youning smiled. She reached out her hand to make a pinky swear with Mumu as she said, “It’s a deal then. You must fulfill your promise, or I’ll be mad.”

Mumu didn’t wonder why Xu Youning suddenly acted like this. He made a pinky swear with her without hesitation. “Yeah. It’s a deal!”

Xu Youning looked at Mumu. For the first time, she found that she was greedy for this little boy.

She and Mumu had made a promise that he would never hate her because she was afraid that when he grew up, he would know her purpose in returning to the Kang family this time and that even if she died, he would never forgive her.

She didn’t want Mumu to hate her, so she used an underhanded way by making an agreement with him.

Mumu had always attached great importance to his promise. She believed that the little boy would not go back on his word.

However, after Mumu promised her, she suddenly realized that in addition to never hating her, she wanted to discuss another thing with Mumu.

Mumu had lived with Xu Youning for such a long time, so he knew her well. As soon as he saw her look, he knew that she wanted to say something else.

The little boy grinned and smiled innocently. “Auntie Youning, just say whatever is on your mind!”

Xu Youning slightly tightened her grip on Mumu. She looked at him and said, “I want to discuss something about the baby with you.”

“What?” Mumu was surprised at first. He then looked at Xu Youning’s lower abdomen and said, “I will agree to it no matter what it is!”

“Shouldn’t you think about it first?” Xu Youning didn’t know how to react. She looked at the little boy in confusion and said, “I haven’t told you what it is yet.”

Mumu said solemnly without the slightest hesitation, “I’ll agree to whatever that’s related to the baby!”

The little boy’s tone and appearance were so sincere that it was as if he was presenting his full sincerity, which made people have no doubt in his truthfulness at all.

Xu Youning’s doubts gradually turned into curiosity. “Mumu, does the baby matter so much to you?”

Mumu still didn’t hesitate and nodded hard. “Of course!”

In the end, Xu Youning couldn’t help asking tentatively, “Why is that?”

“Because I like you, and I also like everything about you. That’s why I would like your baby for sure!” Mumu said it as a matter of course and promised seriously, “Therefore, I will agree to all your requirements about the baby.”

Xu Youning laughed out loud with mixed emotions in her voice.

She couldn’t tell whether she felt sad or gratified.

She stroked Mumu’s hair and said slowly, “Mumu, I don’t know what will happen in the future. But I’m sure that my baby will come into this world and slowly grow up like you. You’re a bit older than him. When you meet him in the future, can you take care of him for me?”

After hearing that, Mumu didn’t respond and just stared at Xu Youning.

Unexpectedly, the little boy didn’t promise her right away.

After a while, Mumu suddenly asked very seriously, “Auntie Youning, where will you be going? Why would you ask me to take care of the baby for you? You are his mother. You should take care of the baby.”

“I…” Xu Youning stammered. She really didn’t know how to explain, so she could only find an excuse at will. “Mumu, when we are alive, we don’t know what will happen in the next moment. I just told you that in case of any possibilities in the future.”

Mumu tilted his head and temporarily accepted Xu Youning’s explanation, not thinking about any bad situations.

The little boy nodded and said solemnly, “Don’t worry. No matter what happens in the future, I will help take care of the baby for you! Remember, I’ll just be helping!”

Hearing Mumu’s emphasis, Xu Youning couldn’t help wondering whether Mumu had sensed something.

With her current physical condition, it would be great for her to hold on until her baby was born.

It was simply a pipe dream for her to take care of this baby.

It was because of this that she had asked all the people she could entrust to take care of her baby.

However, Mumu said that he would just be helping. In other words, Xu Youning still needed to take care of her baby in person, and he would just be assisting at most.

It was hard for Xu Youning not to overthink it.

“However, I should be satisfied that a five-year-old child would make such a promise to me.”

Xu Youning rubbed Mumu’s head and smiled. “It’ll be enough for you to help occasionally.”

After she left, the battle between Mu Sijue and Kang Ruicheng might go on.

She didn’t even know when the battle would end.

What Xu Youning needed was that Mumu could help at crucial moments and prevent her child from being in danger like the way she was now.

Mumu seemed to understand Xu Youning’s meaning and nodded hard. “I will. Don’t worry.”

Xu Youning was not very surprised to hear that because Mumu had always agreed to her request.

As a result, she often had a feeling that Mumu was the one who took care of her.

She felt ashamed when she thought of that.

Mumu didn’t know what Xu Youning was thinking. He interrupted her from her pondering and asked, “Auntie Youning, when are you going to reconcile with Daddy?”

Xu Youning really had no idea about this question. She could only look at Mumu with uncertainty and ask, “What do you think?”

“I don’t know either.” Mumu spread his hands, looking confused. After thinking for a while, he came up with an idea. “How about… you’ll reconcile with Daddy when you’re happy? I also think that Daddy has gone too far. You can’t forgive him too soon!”

Xu Youning didn’t say anything.

She had never expected that Mumu would offer her such a low blow.

She silently thought that perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, Mumu’s idea could be regarded as a trap for his father.

However, she liked it.

Xu Youning kissed the little boy and took his advice. She said in an encouraging tone, “Okay. I’ll do as you said!”

“Haha!” Mumu smiled happily and went into Xu Youning’s arms. He looked at Xu Youning and said, “Auntie Youning, I still have a question for you. Can you answer it?”

“What do you want to ask?” Xu Youning thought for a moment and directly gave the little boy a privilege. “Mumu, no matter what question you have in the future, you can ask me right away. As long as I can answer it, I will tell you the answer directly. Is that okay with you?”

Mumu understood why Xu Youning deliberately emphasized the latter part of her words.

“Auntie Youning told me that I’m too young to know certain things.

“However, she wouldn’t hide anything that I’m allowed to know from me.”

Mumu thought for a moment, suddenly hugged Xu Youning’s neck, and said, “Auntie Youning, you can tell me the answer to this question directly!”

“Not necessarily.” Xu Youning looked at the little fellow and said slowly, “Tell me what you want to ask first.”

Mumu blinked his eyes and said in a tone full of eagerness, “I want to know how Uncle Yuechuan is doing! Auntie Youning, I heard you and Daddy say that Sister Yunyun is married to Uncle Yuechuan. Does that mean that he has recovered?”

Xu Youning was stunned and suddenly remembered what Dongzi had reported before.

Dongzi said that Shen Yuechuan and Yunyun went back to the hospital the day after their wedding. At noon that day, there was an emergency rescue in the hospital.

But due to the strict confidentiality of the private hospital, Dongzi and his brothers couldn’t find out which patient was rescued.

According to Mu Sijue’s style of doing things, Xu Youning vaguely guessed that the person receiving first aid was very likely to be Shen Yuechuan.

In other words, he risked his life to hold a wedding ceremony with Xiao Yunyun before he could recover.

Things were far from optimistic as Mumu had imagined. There was still a long way to go for Shen Yuechuan to recover.

“However, how could I tell Mumu about this?”

Xu Youning was in an unprecedented dilemma.

At this moment, she would rather have Mumu stick to her and ask her when she would get better.